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May 13, 2013


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  • Mood: Lmao
Me: We're gonna take this test thingy and what happens is its Hetalai-
Dad: Wait is this part of a study group or some thing?
Me: Kind of. So what happens is... um... Hetalai test thing-
Dad: What is...
Me: Its a show. And I'm gonna show you a character and i'm gonna tell you what country they are
Dad: mhmmm
Me: and you tell me what you think of them
Dad: .... 0-0 what
Me: Just off the bat. First thing you think of them. K, so this is Italy.
Dad: ... happy... wait what am i supposed to tell you?
Me: Just what you think of them. This is Germany-
Dad: Nazi
Me: *facepalm and giggle* Japan *still laughing*
Dad: Indifferent
Me: America
Dad: Weirdo
Me: *giggles* k? England
Dad: Sigh (litterally said "sigh" not joking)
Me: France
Dad: ... scruff
Me: uh... Russia
Dad: worried
Me: China
Dad: huh... thinks, thinkin'
Me: uh how bout Belgium?
Dad: Surprised? how bout worried?
Me: k... uh... Netherlands
Dad: uh... baba....deciving
Me: *giggles* ok Austria
Dad: uhhhhhh.... intelligent
Me: Hungary
Dad: buhhhh starving
Me: *giggles and escalates into full on laughter* XD ok? um... uh... Liechtenstein
Dad: LIECHTENSTEIN!!!! *stupid face and accent* waiting
Me: Poland
Dad: uhhhhh... stupid
Me: *giggles* uh... Lithuania
Dad: ................... uhhhhhh.... what??????
Me: Uh... i think this is Switzerland?
Dad: sneaky
Me: uh. Belarus
Dad: .....mmmmmp angry
Me: Estonia
Dad: pretending
Me: Latvia *accent slipping through...*
Dad: childish
Me: Ukraine
Dad: uhuhuhuhuh.... ugh...... ukraine.... good.
Me: Denmark
Dad: ... Jerk.
Me: *gigges* oh uh um... Finland.
Dad: huh... tasty
Me: 0-0 *giggles* ICEland
Dad: Am I supposed to say one word?
Me: No you can like... describe them i guess?
Dad: ... uh... Unknowing
Me: Norvay... Norway *accent full blown XD*
Dad: .... I'm number one (we're norwegian... XD)
Me: *giggles loudly* Sveden- I mean Sweden
Dad: UHHHHHHHHH.... dying on... the floor
Me: Egypt
Dad: mmmmmmm....uh.....mmmmmmm....
Me: you can also say who they remind you of or stuff like that
Dad: huh... Egypt... Nile. THE Nile
Me: k. Greece
Dad: nice hat.
Me: *giggles* turkey
Dad: Poor Man's Batman
Me: *giggles and falls on floor* w-what? XD okay... um... Romano
Dad: I hate tomatoes.
Me: *falls over again* XD Spain
Dad: Why is this turtle on my head. when I woke up? *is laughing too*
Me: UH. *giggles* Kan... Canada. XD
Dad: ... I have a lone hair
Me: *giggles* Cuba
Dad: I don't like Fedel Castro
Me: *laughs* ok ... how bout Sealand *still giggling*
Dad: .............huh.... I'm totally gay *stats laughing*
Me: Breaks out laughing nasally and falls on floor* ok ok... oh um.. PRussia
Dad: mmm I drink my own urine
Me and Dad: *break out nasally laughing*
Me: *gasping for air between laughs* oh my god. ok.... I'm done XD
Dad: why... did i... YOU RECORDED THIS?!?!
Me: *runs away and types on computer* :iconimhappyplz:

LOL do this with your parents!!! I'm gonna do it to my mom when she gets back from Texas... XD... DON'T LET THEM KNOW YOU'RE RECORDING AND MAKE SURE THEY DON'T KNOW WHY YOU'RE DOING THIS!!!! XD IT MAKES IT MORE HILARIOUS!!!
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Me: *giggles and falls on floor* w-what? XD okay... um... Romano
Dad: I hate tomatoes.

LOL!!! That is just amazing!!!

Why would Cuba not like Fidel Castro? Technically he is the one who chose him...

Your dad is cool. I would never be able to do something like this with my parents
anger-problems May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks. I know he is really funny and its nice when he pays attention. ^u^
I would love to do this, but my parents already know about Hetalia...I kinda forced tem to watch it with me. XD
anger-problems May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD lol my dad has never even heard of the word Hetalia ever. I forgot to EVER mention it XD
equestriad May 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is so awesome 0_0 my parents would never watch those "cartoons". Dear god people THEY AREN'T CARTOONS!
THANK YOU!!! I somehow managed to convert almost all my friends into Hetalians, but the outsiders say "Why are you so obsessed with those cartoons?" I then had a rage blckout. XD
equestriad Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha I couldn't agree more. Most of my friends are reluctant to watching Anime and don't get it, but hey... YOUR LOSS, BUDDY!
SeizurefoxTheEpic May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Me: *giggles loudly* Sveden- I mean Sweden
Dad: UHHHHHHHHH.... dying on... the floor
Sweden is dying on the floor?....

anger-problems May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah.... Idk... We're Scandinavian so I did the accent and idefk
CheetoDorito May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omfmb!!! That is hilarious!!
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